Completed projects

Medium Term Effects of Disease Management Programs for Coronary Heart Disease (DMP-CHD)
Head/Team:Prof. Dr. R. Holle, R. Stark (MD, FRCP(C), MPH)
Funding:Federal Association of the AOK
Project partners:R. Ninic (AOK), Dr. C. Meisinger (KORA MI Registry Augsburg)
Duration:2010 - 2012
Description:In 2006, a survey of all patients registered with the Augsburg Myocardial Infarct Registry was performed. The goal was to evaluate the differences in reports regarding medical care between patients enrolled in DMPs for coronary heart disease (CHD) and those receiving usual care (Gapp et al, 2008). They found that significantly more patients enrolled in DMP-CHDs received medical counselling for smoking, nutrition and regarding physical activity. DMP participants also received statins and antiplatelets more frequently. There were no differences between the groups regarding quality of life and body mass index (BMI). The DMP enrolment status was also validated by the responsible physicians.
Objectives:In the present project, a follow-up survey will be used to examine the medium term effects of the DMP for CHD. All participants of the survey in 2006, who are still living, will be asked to participate. The follow-up will take place ca. 5 years after the first study.
Methods:The study is based on the subjects, whose DMP status regarding CHD-DMP participation is validated.

Study components are:

  1. Mortality follow-up
  2. Patient questionnaire regarding CHD-associated morbidity, quality of life (EQ-5D and VAS), BMI, smoking, self-management (blood pressure measurements, weight, physical activity, participation in patient education), patient satisfaction and medications
  3. Physician questionnaire regarding patient participation in DMP (CHD and type 2 diabetes), blood pressure and lipids and comorbidity