Completed projects

eurIPFreg- Cost of illness estimation in DPLD patients in chosen European countries
Team:PD Dr. L. Schwarzkopf, former collaborators: S. Witt, B. Szentes, M. Wacker,  
Co-operation partner:DZL - German center for lung research
Duration:3 years
Description:The eurIPFreg registry provides data for the economic analyses regarding direct and indirect costs of adult DPLD patients in different European countries.
Objectives:The aim of this study is to analyze the healthcare utilization, work absenteeism and resulting direct and indirect costs in adults with IPF and other idiopathic interstitial pneumonias and to explore the main cost drivers. Also the health-related quality of life and its development in course of disease progression will be examined.
Methods:In addition to the cost of illness estimation the data provide opportunity for comparisons across different countries and disease entities regarding healthcare service utilization and costs. Cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis will be performed. Besides that we will validate the SF-36 questionnaire regarding IPF-patients.