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Measurement Methods for Health Care Resource Utilization and Cost in the Elderly
Head/Team:Prof. Dr. R. Holle, Dr. H. Seidl
Partner:Prof. Dr. H.H. König, Jens-Oliver Bock, Prof. Dr. W. Greiner, David Bowles
Funding:German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Duration:March 2011 - September 2014
Description:Like in many other industrialized countries, the German healthcare system is strongly affected by a demographic change. For planning, prioritizing and/or reimbursement of new health-care technologies it is essential to have precise information about healthcare resource utilization of elderly individuals and associated cost. To obtain accurate data, researchers face decisions about which main data source (e.g. self-reports, medical records or administrative databases) and which instruments they should use to measure the use of health and social services, and which unit costs they should apply to monetarily value these services in order to calculate costs.

In this project data and experience from several large studies in the elderly will be used to improve and to validate measurement methods for resource use with emphasis on resources relevant to the elderly. Tools (incl. software) for cost calculations based on these measurements will be provided and a set of reference data for Germany will be generated.
Objectives:Overall, this study aims to develop a set of reference methods and German reference data which will be of future importance for health economic studies in the elderly.

Specific objectives towards this aim are:
  1. To develop a standardized questionnaire to assess health care utilization in the elderly, based on empirical data and expert consensus (coordination: Rolf Holle, Hildegard Seidl).
  2. To determine standardized unit costs for health and social services, and to create a database (toolbox) and a manual; (coordination: Hans Helmut König, Jens-Oliver Bock).
  3. To assess the validity of self-reported data on healthcare utilization in comparison to data from sickness funds; (coordination: Wolfgang Greiner, David Bowles).
Publication:Seidl, H., Bowles, D., Brettschneider, C., Greiner, W., König, H.H., Holle, R.: FIMA – Fragebogen zur Erhebung von Gesundheitsleistungen im Alter: Entwicklung und Pilotstudie, Gesundheitswesen 77(1), 46-52 (2015)
Bock, J-O., Brettschneider, C., Seidl, H., Bowles, D., Holle, R., Greiner, W., König, H.H.: Ermittlung standardisierter Bewertungssätze aus gesellschaftlicher Perspektive für die gesundheitsökonomische Evaluation, Gesundheitswesen 77(1), 53-61 (2015)