Completed projects

IDA - Dementia care in primary setting
Prof. R. Leidl, Prof. R. Holle,
Dr. P. Menn, M. Hunger, H. Hänsch, L. Schwarzkopf 
Funding:AOK Bavaria (Statutory), Federal Association of the AOK, Eisai GmbH, Pfizer Deutschland GmbH
ISRTN Register NO.ISRTN68329593
Description:The study compares two complex interventions for patients with dementia, their caregivers and doctors with usual care. The IDA project is designed as a three-armed cluster-randomized study. Our institute is responsible for the economic evaluation of the study, data management and statistical analysis.
Objective:The study aimed at comparing the effects of a complex intervention on time to nursing home placement in community-living dementia patients with usual care. Additionally health status, psychological burden and other consequences for the informal caregivers will be evaluated. Costs of the different interventions will also be assessed. The economic evaluation shall be performed as a cost-effectiveness analysis.
Method:The study groups which are compared include
  1. usual care (study arm A)
  2. an intervention group in which GPs receive additional training regarding evidence based treatment of dementia and in which support groups are offered to and arranged for caregivers (study arm B)
  3. the second intervention group includes the interventions of study arm B and additionally offers individualised family counseling (study arm C).

The caregivers in study arm B were offered individualised family counseling after one year of study participation.

IDA is a cluster-randomized study where the GPs are the clusters and thus the units of randomization. 129 GPs in the study region of Middle Franconia participated and recruited 390 AOK Bavaria insured patients and their informal caregivers. Outcome parameters were assessed from informal caregivers and recruiting GPs at point of study entry, at twelve months and after 24 months respectively when the patient permanently moved into a nursing home. Informal caregivers were interviewed with a computer-aided telephone interview (CATI) while the GPs’ documentation was available in written form. Claims data reflecting the use of formal health and long-term care services were provided by AOK Bavaria Statutory Health Insurance Fund.

The 2-year follow-up was completed at the end of 2008. The data analysis was performed in 2009 and the results have been presented at a press conference in January 2010.

In 2011 the long-term effects of the intervention were analysed based on 4-year information on nursing home placement.

We plan to publish the final results of the IDA-study in course of 2012.