Completed projects

Evaluation of healthcare costs due to dietary habits, diet-related diseases and possible healthcare savings with improved dietary habits
Team:Dr. R. Stark, Prof. Dr. R. Leidl 
Cooperation partner:-    Competence Center for Nutrition – KErn
-    Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry
-    University Albstadt-Sigmaringen, Faculty of Life Sciences
-    University Bern, Institute of Sociology
-    Techniker Health Insurance
-    vbw – Association of the Bavarian Industry e. V.
Duration:2016 - 2018
Description:The aims of the overall project:

(1) Identify determinants of dietary habits, which are conducive to improving health

(2)Determine healthcare costs due to diet-related diseases and the potential savings associated with effective prevention measures in Bavaria  

(3) Develop practical guidelines for catering services
Aim:The subproject of the Helmholtz Zentrum München will study the associations between diet, diet-related diseases, especially Diabetes and obesity and resource utilization and the effects on healthcare and productivity costs
Methods:The research program is divided into 3 further subprojects:

Subproject 1: determine the direct and indirect healthcare costs associated with diet-related diseases, especially those associated with diabetes and obesity

Subproject 2: Identify and evaluate interventions which improve dietary habits  and possible associated cost savings

Subproject 3: Estimate the relevance of the disease burden due to diet-related diseases in Bavaria and important determinants