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Early economic evaluation of innovative medical technologies in the framework of the project REGiNA (Sub-project 17)
Head/Team:Dr. W. Rogowski, Prof. Dr. R. Leidl, Dipl. VW. F. Koerber, A. Brandes, MPH
Funding:BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research)
Background /
REGiNA stands for the concept of a centre of applied regenerative medicine (RegMed) in the region between Stuttgart, Tübingen and Necker-Alb (Federal state of Baden-Württemberg). The aim of the project is to promote innovative products and processes by introducing them to the health care system on a test basis. Sub-project 17 is concerned with the health economic aspects of regenerative medicine. In particular it is researched in how far the early economic evaluation of technologies developed in the framework of the REGiNA project can facilitate future market access and possibly influence the ongoing development process.
Methods:Decision analytic methods are applied in order to assess the cost-effectiveness of selected RegMed technologies. Firstly the economic efficiency of the current medical standard is determined. Additionally early health economic models are developed to estimate the costs of the innovations and to define essentials requirements from a market and a health economic point of view. Health economic cost effectiveness models are created in three different stages of development (early, exhaustively probabilistic, in between stage), which allows for an outcome  comparison of these different approaches.