Completed projects

Health economics in atrial fibrillation patients (Subproject to the subproject A2: KORA-AF-Event)
Head/Team:Prof. Dr. R. Leidl, Prof. Dr. R. Holle, C. Becker
Funding:German Federal Ministry for Education and Research
Project partners:PD Dr. med. M. Näbauer, Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik I, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Duration:2010 - 2011
Description:Atrial fibrillation is an important cost factor in the German health care system and its prevalence is expected to further increase. The AFNET subproject A2 „KORA-AF-Event“, included 1681 probands from the KORA F3 and F4 cohorts, starting with an age of 50 years, who underwent a daily telephonic ECG-monitoring over a period of three months. In the process, patients with atrial fibrillation were identified. The collected data allow for an estimation of the additional costs incurred by atrial fibrillation in future.der künftig aufgrund von Vorhofflimmern verursachten zusätzlichen Kosten erfolgen.
Objectives:Based on the data collected in the AFNET subproject A2 „KORA-AF-Event“, valid evidence on the incurred additional costs due to atrial fibrillation is to be found, by comparing the group of atrial fibrillation patients with the group of patients without atrial fibrillation and identifying the incurred additional costs.
Methods:In this project, direct costs of medical care and indirect costs incurred by subpopulations from the KORA F3 and F4 studies are to be estimated. Estimations of costs are to be conducted for probands, who already had atrial fibrillation at the begin of the study, for patients, in whom atrial fibrillation was detected during the course of the study and for the remaining probands, who did not have atrial fibrillation.