Current projects

German COPD and systemic consequences-comorbidities network (COSYCONET) (Competence Network on Asthma / COPD)
Subproject 6: Economics and Health Care Research in COPD with specific focus on comorbidities
Team:J. Lutter, Prof. Dr. R. Leidl, former collaborators: Prof. Dr. R. Holle, Dr. M. Wacker
Objectives:In view of limited health care resources, decision makers are in need of representative and valid data concerning costs and outcomes of COPD. Such questions are particularly relevant in chronic diseases such as COPD which are associated with comorbidities that result in multiple treatments and interactions between treatments. This project will collect such data for Germany by using a large patient cohort, and compare it with data from a population-based study.
Methods:Main objectives are to investigate

  1. health care utilisation and costs of COPD patients compared to subjects without COPD,
  2. generic health-related quality of life in individuals with different stages of COPD  compared to controls.
Data of a COPD patient cohort and a population-based cohort will be used for this project. As their specific focus all cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses address the impact of comorbidities and the interaction between disease entities in COPD.

Results will be used to build a Markov model for long-term course and costs of COPD in Germany.