Current projects

Parametrization of a German diabetes model based on estimations of costs and health-related quality of life
Team:K. Kähm, Dr. M. Laxy, Prof. Dr. R. Holle
Cooperation partner:PD Dr. Udo Schneider (WINEG, Techniker Krankenkasse )
Prof. Dr. Andrea Icks; Dr. Katherine Ogurtsova (German Diabetes Center, Düsseldorf)
Duration:Since May 2016
Description:Primary aim of this project is the differentiated characterization of the healthcare costs and health-related quality of life of patients with type 2 diabetes and different micro- and macrovascular complications. The research findings can make an essential contribution to the parametrization and adaption of a German type 2 diabetes model and thus to the development and evaluation of new strategies for prevention, treatment, and care.
Aim:Research questions:

1.    What is the short- to medium economic impact of different type 2 diabetes complications on healthcare costs in Germany?

2.    What is the health-related quality of life associated with different complications (with and without diabetes)?
  • Identification of appropriate data sources (health insurance data from the Techniker Krankenkasse for costs, KORA-GEFU4 data for the quality of life)
  • Selection of the study cohorts (over 300,000 type 2 diabetes patients in the claims data, and around 8000 or 800 non-diabetics and diabetics in GEFU4)
  • Analysis of the healthcare costs and health-related quality of life in the relevant subgroups
  • Implementation (and validation) of the parameters in the German diabetes model
  • Evidence-based derivation of possible adjustments and extentions of the model for the German context