Current projects

Team:PD Dr. L. Schwarzkopf, P. Marijic, former collaborators: S. Witt, B. Szentes 
Co-operation partner:Prof. Dr. Michael Kreuter; Thoraxklinik, Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg
Description:Based on patient-individual health insurance claims data of 2009 to 2014, ECOMILD gathers comprehensive evidence on current care pathways of ILD-patients within the German health care system and the therewith associated health care expenditures from a payer perspective.
  1. Description of typical health care seeking patterns for up to six years after an initial ILD diagnosis
  2. Assessment of costs of care within various distinct patient subgroups (e.g. gender, ILD-entity, age group)
  3. Identification of crucial cost drivers as well as of predictive factors for disease progression
  4. Comparison of different therapeutic regimens and disease management approaches with regard to clinical course of the ILD as well as to costs of care

The analyses are based on patient level data covering 2009 to 2014 for all insurants with at least one documented ILD diagnosis between 2009 and 2012 provided by the Scientific Institute of AOK SHI Funds (WIdO).

Starting in 2016, a suitable algorithm for the identification of true ILD cases will be developed based on documented diagnosis and medical procedures. External information on epidemiology and current clinical practice will additionally be taken into account.

In 2017, per capita costs of care and their compilation will be analyzed both cross-sectionally as well as longitudinally for distinct relevant subgroups.

Subsequently, crucial cost drives as well as predictive factors for survival will be identified within exploratory analyses.

For 2018 it is intended to outline common care pathways within the health care system and to identify distinct patient-clusters receiving different types of care.

The identified therapy and management clusters will finally be compared regarding costs and effects in 2019.