Current projects

EXCITING - Cost of illness estimation in DPLD patients in Germany
Team:PD Dr. L. Schwarzkopf, P. Maqhuzu, former collaborators: S. Witt, B. Szentes, M. Wacker
Co-operation partner:German center for lung research (DZL)
Duration:minimum 5 years since June 2014
Description:The ECITING study provides data for the estimation of cost of illness analysis in rare lung disease patients in Germany. EXCITING is a multicenter, non-interventional, prospective and observational DPLD registry.
Objectives:The main aim of the EXCITING Study (Exploring clinical and epidemiological characteristics of interstitial lung disease) is to estimate the direct and indirect costs of the disease and provide information about healthcare service provision for DPLD patients in Germany.
Methods:The registry contains among others information about healthcare service utilization, medical outcomes, disease related work absenteeism of adult patients. Data is recorded by the physicians; follow-up is conducted every six months. Based on the collected data we will estimate the cost of illness. Stratified analyses of different disease entities are intended to provide a comparison between the different disease entities.