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MobilE-PRO - Outcome-based support of treatment decision
Team:Prof. Dr. Reiner Leidl, Dr. Manuel Huber, Caroline Schatz, Nelli Schneider, Helmholtz Zentrum München
Prof. Dr. Leonie Sundmacher, Sebastian Franke; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (statutory health insurance care)
Co-operation partner:Prof. Dr. Werner Plötz; Dr. Peter Buschner; Klinik für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie
TBA; Schön Klinik SE
Prof. Dr. med. Dipl.-Ing. Volkmar Jansson; PD Dr. med. Martin Weigl; Klinik und Poliklinik für Orthopädie, Physikalische Medizin und Rehabilitation, Klinikum der Universität München
Peter Krase; AOK Bayern
Martin Spegel; Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse
Prof. Dr. Kristina Burström; Dr. Ola Rolfson; Karolinska Institut
Duration:Until 31.08.2021
Description:MobilE-PRO evaluates how patients perceive their health-related quality of life before total knee/hip replacement and one year after. The study also investigates the driving factors influencing respective patient-reported outcomes. One main goal is to investigate how well outcomes can be predicted and if respective results can be used to support shared decision-making between doctors and patients.
Aim:The aim of MobilE-PRO is to improve outcomes of total knee/hip replacement for inpatient care in order to support high mobility and social participation until high age.
Methods:•    Recruitment of over 2,000 patients with TKR/THR from one clinic
•    Usage of generic and disease-specific instruments to measure health-related quality of life before and one year after  surgery
•    Linkage of patient-based case data and clinic-based cost data
•    Analysis of effects and cost-effectiveness of different intervention paths
•    Evaluation and identification of possible predictors of patient-reported outcomes
•    Evidence-based deduction of possible recommendations for shared decision-making
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