Current projects

Prediabetes lifestyle intervention study (PLIS)
Head and Team:Dr. Michael Laxy, Dr. R. Stark, Prof. R. Holle, M. Tremmel
Cooperation partners:German Center for Diabetes research (DZD), Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf (Institute for Healthcare research and health economics), Ludwig Maximillians University, Technical University Munich, German Institute for Nutrtion research, university clinics in Tübingen, Dresden, Heidelberg and Leipzig
Duration:Since 2012
Summary:The aim of the PLIS study is to provide people, who in spite of intensive daily efforts, continue to have an increased risk of having type 2 diabetes, with a rigorous lifestyle intervention guided by specialized staff. Targeted lifestyle prevention measures in people at high risk of diabetes can potentially prevent the health consequences of diabetes and avoid significant costs related to the treatment of diabetes and its comorbidities.
Objectives:Health economic research aims:

  • Estimate and analyze the costs of medical services of these persons
  • Examine quality of life and patient time costs needed for the change in lifestyle
  • Health economic evaluation of the intensive lifestyle intervention in the prediabetic population (cost-effectiveness or cost-benefit analysis).
  • Collect patient-relevant data regarding quality of life, resource utilization and productivity losses at baseline and at follow-up visits
  • Estimate costs of the intervention
  • Economic evaluation of the lifestyle intervention
    o    cost effectiveness analysis
    o    cost-benefit analysis