Day 1 – Ex-Ante Simulation Modeling
Hosted by Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU)
Moderated by Michael Laxy and Karl Emmert-Fees

*All times CET*

09:00 – 09.15 amMichael Laxy (HMGU / TUM) and Mario Mazzochi (UNIBO):
Welcome and opening remarks

09.15 – 10.00 amKarl Emmert-Fees (HMGU / TUM):
Simulation modeling for the economic evaluation of population-based dietary policies
10.00 – 11.15 amSteven Gortmaker (Harvard University):
Cost Effective Strategies to Prevent Child and Adult Obesity and Improve Population Health
Coffee Break
11.30 – 01.00 pmChris Kypridemos (University of Liverpool):
Quantifying the potential effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and equity of food policies around the world: examples from salt reformulation and sugar labelling policies
Lunch Break
Marco Springmann (Oxford University):
Modeling environmental impacts of health policies
03.45 – 05.00 pmFranco Sassi (Imperial College London):
Challenges in modelling food consumption and obesity for policy analysis

Day 2 – Ex-Post Econometric Methods
Hosted by University of Bologna (UNIBO)
Moderated by Mario Mazzochi and Sara Capacci


09.00 –
09.30 am
Sara Capacci and Mario Mazzochi (UNIBO):
Welcome and introduction to state of the art in quasi-experimental methods with application to food and physical activity

09.30 –
11.00 am
Pierre Dubois (TSE):
How well targeted are soda taxes?
Coffee Breeak
11.30 –
01.00 pm   
Timothy Beatty (UC Davis):
Producer responses to dietary regulation
Lunch Break
02.00 – 03.30 pmDavid Frisvold (UIOWA):
Estimating the causal effect of soda taxes
03.30 – 04.00 pmMichael Laxy (HMGU / TUM) and Mario Mazzochi (UNIBO):
Closing remarks