Programme orientated research

The Institute of Groundwater Ecology is part of the Helmholtz research programme „Terrestrial Environment“. Topic 3 of this programme deals with „sustainable management of water ressources“. Detailed information on POF and the different Topics you can get here.

In the course of climatic and land use changes and a growing world population the demands for groundwater quantity and quality and the contamination risk riseIn the integrated project 3 (IP) “Groundwater Ecology” we examine the complex biogeochemical processes  which govern the transport, detention and the degradation of contaminating substances in different spatial and temporal dimensions. Ecotones are of particular interest, because these transition zones between ecosystem are biologically very active and consequently constitute natural barriers for contamination. It is our aim to develop sustainable concepts to protect and manage our subterranean water resources. In three working packages (WPs) we focus on the physical, biological and chemical processes of te groundwater ecosystem services.