Scientific Focus

  • Protein interactions mediate essentially all biological processes and analysis of protein-protein interactions has contributed fundamental insights to the understanding of biological systems.

    In recent years, interactome network maps have emerged as an important tool for analyzing and interpreting genetic data of complex phenotypes. The long-term goal of INET - Institute of Network Biology - is to understand how macromolecular networks control biological processes and how networks evolve in response to exogenous, microbial and endogenous factors as well as evolutionary processes.

Upcoming Conference

  • First international Plant Systems Biology [iPSB] meeting(iPSB2018 Jacques Monod conference) will be held at Roscoff(Brittany),France,September 10-14, 2014.

    Organizers: Chairperson- Dr. Gabriel Krouk (CNRS) and Vice-chairpersons - Prof. Pascal F. Braun (HMGU)

    Application for registration and abstract submission must be submitted to the Chairperson of the conference and to the secretary of the conferences

    For more details please follow the link: