Drug Discovery & Development

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A fully integrated drug discovery platform supporting all essential steps of drug discovery was established at Helmholtz Zentrum München since 2011. State-of-the-art and complementary technologies are embedded in the respective institutes, platforms or core facilities of the Center.

This drug discovery platform is embedded in a powerful biological and clinical infrastructure with access to relevant biomarkers and human tissue samples, thus promoting the identification and validation of novel pharmacologically relevant pathomechanisms and targets. Hit generation activities rely on internationally competitive high-throughput and fragment-based screening capabilities, a unique in silico screening technology with unexplored chemical space as well as a worldwide recognized core facility with impressive track record in the production of monoclonal antibodies. Multidimensional lead optimization efforts are covered by interdisciplinary teams of medicinal chemists and biologists and pave the way towards the nomination of pre-clinical candidates with first-in-class potential. An established network of CROs/CMOs and consultants as well as the acquisition of additional third-party funds allows further (pre)-clinical development to a Phase I-ready stage or in some cases clinical PoC.