Translational/ Clinical Network

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Translational Research Centers

Comprehensive Pneumology Center (CPC):

Integration of human biosamples and clinical data with molecular and cellular assays as well as animal models. Research clinic for patients with COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, lung cancer and Asthma.

Center of Allergy and Environment (ZAUM):

Combination of molecular and cellular immunology with clinical allergology including environmental risk analyses.

Diabetes Study Center:

Clinical studies on the pathogenesis and prevention of type-1-diabetes mellitus in children and gestational Diabetes.

Research Institutes at Academic Medical Centers in Tübingen, Dresden and Leipzig

The Global Platform for the Prevention of Autoimmune Diabetes (GPPAD) coordinated by HMGU

German Centers for Health Research (Deutsche Zentren der Gesundheitsforschung)

Helmholtz Artificial Intelligence Cooperation Unit (Helmholtz AI)

DigiMed Bayern