Drug Discovery

Our expertise in the area of drug discovery and translational research

The unique research profile of Helmholtz Zentrum München – characterized by its combination of mechanism-based science with state-of-the art biomedical technologies in translational research approaches – enables the further development of innovative diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive methods for clinical applications.

Drug Development

Target Discovery Plattform

Head: Prof. Dr. Matthias Tschöp

Genome-wide lentiviral shRNA library to identify new targets through “loss-of-function” phenotypes.

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Assay Development und Screening Plattform

Head: Dr. Kamyar Hadian

Development of innovative and complex cellular and biochemical assays for screening small molecules (protein-protein-interactions, stem cell models and high content screening); evaluation of screening data and further development of internal substance libraries.

Assay Development and Screening Platform

Science-Driven Structure-Based Drug Development

Head: Prof. Michael Sattler

Structural biology of complex targets and inhibitor complexes; NMR / hit validation; fragment-based screening and X-ray crystallography.

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Protein Expression and Purification:

Head: Dr. Arie Geerlof

Production, purification and characterization of recombinant proteins.

Protein Expression and Purification Facility


Head: Dr. Igor Tetko

Software development and databases to predict physicochemical properties and absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity (ADMET) characteristics of compounds in silico.

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Systems Biology of Small Molecules

Head : Dr. Mónica Campillos González

Development of computer models for understanding the effects of small molecules in biological systems, and identification of new drug targets and new targets for known drugs.

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Metabolomic Validation Platform (metDRUG):

Head: Prof. Jerzy Adamski

Metabolomic validation of hits, lead structures and drugs in human cell lines and stem cells; determination of biotolerability of drug candidates on the basis of metabolite profiles.

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In Vivo Models

Head: Prof. Martin Hrabĕ de Angelis

Phenotyping of mouse mutants for drug challenges to analyze the effects and side effects of small molecules in mouse models for human diseases (GMCIII).

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Medicinal Chemistry

Director: Prof. Dr. Oliver Plettenburg

Identifying and optimizing innovative drug substances.

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