Project Portfolio

Innovative approaches for prevention, diagnosis and therapy

The link of experimental research to clinical medicine is organized in cooperation with partners from university hospitals. It is institutionalized in Translational Research Centers for diabetes, lung and allergy. In addition, project-specific collaborations are established in Clinical Cooperation Units as well as in a dynamic project portfolio. The major focus of the portfolio is on the development of personalized preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches aiming to improve the quality and safety in patient care.

Project Portfolio:

 Diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2  

    • Biomarkers for stratifying risk groups
    • Diet and genetic predisposition
    • Individualized preventive and therapeutic strategies
    • Prediction of treatment response in established and innovative therapies

    Lung diseases and allergy

      • Biomarker-assisted diagnosis of bronchopulmonary dysplasia
      • Stratification and diagnosis of COPD patients
      • Biomarkers for asthma diagnosis in newborns
      • Influence of the microbiome on the development of allergies

        Cell therapy

        • Individualized T cell therapy
        • Individualized NK cell therapy
        • Vaccination with dendritic cells