Applying for a residence permit

If you are a foreign national, you may have to spend some time at the Foreigners' Authority after your arrival in Germany. Please inform yourself about the different types of residence permits. These are usually assigned in accordance with the main purpose of your stay.

Depending on your place of residence, you need to apply for the residence permit at the Foreigners' Authority of the Department of District Administration of the city of Munich (if you live in Munich), at the Foreigners' Authority of the District Office Munich (if you live in the Munich surrounding area) or submit your application at the corresponding Foreigners' Authority of the city of your choice.

If you are a national of an EU or of an EFTA Member State (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, with the exception of Switzerland), you usually do not need a residence permit.

If you are a national of any other country that is not listed here, you must go in person to the Foreigners' Authority and apply for the residence permit after your arrival in Germany. In order to apply for a residence permit, you need to submit the following documents (in the original and photocopy):

•    The duly completed application form
•    Proof of registration in accordance with your place of residence
•    A valid passport
•    Proof of financial resources for the duration of your stay
•    Proof of health insurance coverage
•    Confirmation of the research institution regarding the nature and duration of your
•    One recent biometric passport-type photograph
•    Payment of a handling fee of about 110 EUR for the first issuance of the residence
      permit (for the extension about 60 EUR)

Recently, so-called electronic residence permits are being issued in Germany. Information can be found here.

Important note!

•    In individual cases, additional documents may be requested by the authority.
•    Even if you cannot provide all the requested documents, you should still go with the
      existing ones to the Foreigner’s Authority as you will already be issued a
      provisional certificate of application for the residence permit.
•    A residence permit are issued or renewed with a maximum length of 2 years.
      Please, apply for an extension in due time (i.e. before your existing residence
      permit expires).
•    A residence permit is tied to a particular purpose. If this purpose is achieved,
      the residence permit expires.  If you have already arrived in Germany, the purpose
      of the residence permit can normally not be changed (under § 16(2)
      of the Residence Act).

The details provided herein should be regarded as initial information. In any particular case, please contact the Foreigner’s Authority in Munich directly by email. Further information concerning travelling to Germany can also be obtained from the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany or the German diplomatic mission in your home country.