Moving out and departure


If you end your stay in Munich, you should follow the formalities listed below: 

•    Deregister with the local
      residents' registration office
•    Close your bank account and
      cancel your EC bank card
•    Notify your health insurance
      company and return your
      health insurance card

and if necessary

•    Give proper notice of termination of the tenancy agreement in writing
•    Cancel your insurance policies (e.g. liability insurance)
•    Cancel your mobile phone contract
•    Cancel your home phone/broadband service
•    Notify your electricity supplier about the termination of your electricity
      supply agreement
•    Deregister with the GEZ in order to cancel the monthly direct debit of the
      licence fee 
•    Cancel your railcard
•    Settle your tax liabilities.

If you want to move out and change your domicile within the Munich area, please obverse the following:

•    Deregister and register your new domicile with the local residents'
      registration office
•    Cancel your old electricity supply agreement and apply for a new one for your
      current accommodation

send notification to inform of your new address to

•    Scholarship provider 
•    Bank
•    Health insurance company
•    Other insurance companies  (e.g. liability insurance)
•    Mobile phone provider
•    GEZ
•    Employer