Housing market

Housing rental prices are extremely high in Munich.  The current average rental rate of a 30 sq. metre apartment is 24.97 EUR per sq. metre, of a 60 sq. metre apartment 17.29 EUR per sq. metre, of a 100 sq. metre apartment 16.31 EUR per sq. metre. (Tip: Currently, the cheapest place to rent an apartment in the greater Munich area is Lochhausen with an average rate of 12.27 EUR per sq. metre). All prices are quoted without additional charges. 

We encourage you to try and find a suitable apartment a few months before you come to Germany. We will gladly provide a list of agents in Munich and the surrounding areas.

Helmholtz Zentrum München has its own guest house. You should book a room 6 months before your intended date of travel to Munich.  


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