Clinical Studies

Currently, there is a lack of detailed systemic and patient-specific understanding of the pathogenesis of diabetes. In the integrative approach of the DZD studies in humans are mandatory for the understanding of the onset and pathological progression of diabetes and for the establishment of new innovative causal therapies. One major aim is the implementation of concepts for the prevention and intervention in the frame of clinical studies with deeply phenotyped collectives in order to develop personalized treatment strategies.

Due to the collaboration of all institutions of the DZD much larger collectives can thus be established within very short periods of time, and combining the different expertise and methodologies of the partner centers will result in a highly interesting, unprecedented pool of deep phenotypic knowledge.

For this purpose, several studies were initiated as multi-center studies within Germany. A detailed description (in German) can be found on the German study pages.

  • Prevention of Diabetes
    • Personalized Lifestyle Intervention Study (PLIS)