Science Café - Christmas meets Science

Date: Tuesday, December 5th 2017
Time: 8:00 - 11:00 pm
Place: Groovestation, Katharinenstr. 11-13, 01099 Dresden


How does Santa Claus manage to get all the presents to the kids in one night? How do you live at the North Pole and can you get Diabetes from eating too much sweets during Christmas? You could explain all this with the magic of Christmas. But this is not enough for us. We want to discuss these questions with our experts and guests in a scientific way but also with a bit of humor. Happy Advent, everyone!

Our experts:
Dr. Mirko Scheinert - Institut für Planetare Geodäsie, Geodätische Erdsystemforschung, Technische Universität Dresden
Prof. Michele Solimena - Molecular Diabetology & DZD-Paul Langerhans Institute Dresden of the Helmholtz Zentrum München an der Technischen Universität Dresden