Integrative Modelling

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Cicero (106-43 BC), De officiis, 3,69

Mission: Integration of molecular biology and epidemiology for modeling of mechanisms of radiation induced pathogenesis

Based on biological processes, the pathogenesis will be modelled over several orders of magnitude, starting from the cell, via the organ to population-at-risk (multi-scale modelling). With this systems biological approach, mechanistic models will be developed, that will then be used by the research group “Radiation Risk” for analysis of radiation risk. A second area of research is the development and application of measurement techniques for determination of dose distributions in radiation therapy and diagnostics and in the case of unplanned exposure of the general population.

Research topics:

Topic 1: Development of mechanistic multi-path models for radiation induced tumors, in particular in colon and lung, considering epidemiological confounders (smoking) and molecular data

Topic 2: Cardiovascular diseases after radiotherapy: integration of molecular radiation markers into cell-based models of atherosclerosis to predict long-term health risks

Topic 3: Dosimetry in medical and health relevant applications, for dose validation in radiotherapy, in mouse models and in radiological emergencies