Medical and Environmental Dosimetry Group Key Notes

" Dosis sola facit venenum "
(The dose makes the poison)

Mission: Quantification of radiation exposures for prevention and determination of radiation risks

Focus of our work is the quantification of individual radiation dose in medical applications. This will allow to avoid unnecessarily high doses to patients and occupationally exposed individuals. In that way, we contribute towards minimization of radiation-induced health risks. Furthermore, our data on exposure serve as input for biologically-based mechanistic models developed by IMO and for applied risk models developed by SR.

Our strengths include measurements of high-energetic secondary neutrons, as for example produced within patients undergoing tumor therapy with protons or heavy ions. Additionally, we have long-lasting expertise in the simulation of various radiation fields (X-rays, gamma rays, proton, neutrons) and in the development of electronic dosimeters.

Topic 1: Measurement and simulation of doses due to secondary neutrons and other secondary radiation in particle therapy

Topic 2: Development of novel electronic measurement techniques for dose quantification in clinically relevant applications

 Topic 3: Advancement of EPCARD (European Program Package for the Calculation of Aviation Route Doses) for determination of individual exposures of air crew from cosmic radiation