Group Radiation Risk - Overview

Mission: Assessment of personalized health risks from radiation exposure for clinics and population

The Research Group Radiation Risk investigates health risks from exposures to ionizing radiation. Models of carcinogenesis and cardiovascular diseases are developed and applied for assessment of radiation-induced risk. These models can be used in all areas of exposure to ionising radiation.  Research is focused on risk assessment for medical therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

Main activities:

  • Assessment of radiation-induced health risks following breast cancer therapy and heart diagnostics for personalized optimization of medical procedures. (PASSOS)
  • Development of an analysis platform for estimating individual late health effects such as cancer or cardiovascular diseases following radiation exposure e.g. in radiotherapy.
  • Optimization of models of carcinogenesis and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Modelling cellular effects for different radiation qualities to characterize risk of conventional and innovative radiotherapy.
  • Assessment of causal link between diagnosed cancer and preceding radiation exposure. (ProZES)