How the course on "Molecular Mechanisms of Radiation Carcinogenesis" was judged by former students

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity of participating at the course. It was really useful. Also, I would like to thank for the friends that I meet during the course and the lectures that make me to understand much better the effect of radiation on human."
(Emanuela M., University of Bucharest, Meteorology and Earth Physics Department)

"In my opinion, the course held in Helmholtz-Center, Munich,are the best organised courses I have attended. Furthermore, the courses are some of the best executed in which I have attended this year, having attended all courses of DOREMI and CELOD, currently run in 2012 so far."
(Elaine R., UCL London, Dept. of Radiation Oncology)

"Many thanks for the curse that was a big help for my MSc study. I have now started a PhD project in Radiobiology."
(Kristina B., PhD, University of Essen, Institute for Medical Radiation Biology)

"I finished this course and later got my MSc in Radiobiology with good marks and distinction. So please accept my best regards to you and all other staff in the Institute of Radiation Biology and Pathology, for their cooperation and help."
(Tariq AA, MD, Radiation Oncologist, Mosul)

"Keep the course going - it is excellent. Highly motivating and stimulating."
(James G., PhD, CREAL Barcelona)

"I got a lot of new information for its development in the field of radiobiology, was able to consult on some issues with large specialists! Visit to the clinic also surprised me. I very much wanted to go to this hospital! Organization of courses was flawless!All the guys feel themsels like at home. " (Anton P., QMW University London)

"I really would like to thank you for everything! It was a really nice experience, I am happy to have enjoyed the course and to have met all of you!" (Elisa R., Army Medical and Veterinary Research Center, Roma)