Dear participants of the 2016 CONCERT course on "Molecular Mechanisms of Radiation Carcingenesis".  It was a great pleasure to wellcome you here in our research center and to feel your scientific spirit and your commitment to the subject of the course and to your future research projects in the field.  After you have succesfully passed the final exams, I'd like to remind you to fill in the on-line questionaire to give us your feedback (critics, suggestions and praises are equally important for us).




Here is a short reminder that tomorrow (30.6.2016) all lectures take place at the Hospital Rechts der Isar, Institut for Pathology (Troegerstrasse) small seminar room, mezzanine level right).
First lecture will be at 09.30 am.
If you are unsure about the way to the venue, we will meet between 9 and 9:15 am on the U4/U5 underground station "Max Weber Platz" on the rear end of the east-bound platform.



Dear course participants,  please use this link to our online evaluation system for your feedback on the course. We are highly interested to hear your opinion. The voting is anonymous, of course, so don't hesitate to express all your critical (but also positive) thoughts.   This will help us a lot to improve the course every year.    Thank you :-)


Please note that the lecture timetable has been updated to account for some changes in the venue of next weeks events.



Dear participants of the 2016 Munich CONCERT course "Molecular Mechanism of Radiation Carcinogenesis",

Me and the faculty of the course seeing forward to meet you here at our research center.

Those of you who come from abroad have an accomodation at the Hotel Schiesstätte.  ( I will meet you there Sunday evening).

IF you come from the Munich airport, please take the urban train (S-Bahn) S1 and leave at station FELDMOCHING.
From there, either take Taxi (10 €) or take Bus 172 (direction Dachau) and leave at the 4th stop "Schwarzhölzstrasse". You will see in about 100 m distance a footpath turning left that leads to the hotel.

Please note that Bus 172 operates 7 days a week now.  

Monday morning please take Bus 172 from the Hotel to final destination "Am Hart". There change to Bus 294 to Helmholtz Zentrum.

The entire ride takes about 40 minutes. 

Ground map of Helmholtz Zentrum and the way to our Institute you will find at the at the bottom of this site.

In case you have a longer delay or any other emergency, please call me (0049-176-84622450).

For any other questions, please contact me (

Please let me know as soon as possible, at what time you will arrive in Munich.

The weather forcast sounds very good. You perhaps might want to take another T-shirt instead of a sweater.

Lecture by Prof. C. Mothersill


Lecture by Prof. C. Mothersill


Vivid discussion



Dr. Misslbeck explains the principles of a Varian Linear Accelerator at the Radio-Oncology Clinic of the Technical University Hospital


Radiation biology in clinical practice



discussion about new paradigms in radiation biology (bystander, non-target effects, trans-generational instability)

Everybody is happy after passing the exam

PhD and master students from Russia, UK, Egypt, Poland, Germany, Italy and Columbia attended the 2015 DoReMi course and by their dedication to research and their enthusiasm pleased all lecturers.