CONCERT Training

Training Courses in Radiation Research (partner of the CONCERT European Joint Program)

The European Joint Program CONCERT addresses the health risks of low doses of ionising radiation such as those that are encountered in the environment, occupationally and in the course of medical diagnostic procedures. Being lauched in January 2016, the CONCERT consortium exists of 28 National Program Managers and Program Owners from 22 European Member States + Norway, and 4 radiation protection associations being MELODI,  ALLIANCE, NERIS  and EURADOS..
The purpose of CONCERT is to promote the sustainable integration of low dose risk research in Europe in order to aid the effective resolution of the key policy questions identified by the High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on Low Dose Risk Research.
CONCERT provides an operational tool for the development of the proposed MELODI platform (Multidisciplinary European Low Dose Risk Research Initiative) consisting of major national bodies and research programs that have long term commitment in low dose risk research in Europe. In addition to our contribution to various CONCERT research activities, the Institute of Radiation Biology at Helmholtz Zentrum München, Neuherberg provides training for MSc and PhD students.