Measurement facilities

Special measurement facilities

    • Neutron and environmental radiation measurement facilities (dosimeters and spectrometers)
    • Measurement facilities for solid state dosimetry by means of luminescence and EPR spectrometry
    • Partial body counting facilities and a gamma spectrometer for lowest level radionuclide concentrations
    • Techniques for microisolation and preparation of single cells and cell clusters
    • Active and passive measuring equipment for radon, thoron and their decay products
    • High-volume aerosol samplers and impactors for size segregated sampling; large-area collectors for wet and dry deposition

      Special laboratories

      • Radioanalytical laboratory for gamma and X-ray spectrometry, beta radiation measurements, and alpha particle spectrometry for lowest radionuclide concentrations in different media
      • Radiochemical laboratory for special nuclides
      • Thoron experimental room for exposure measurement of thoron and its decay products in dependence of indoor parameters
      • Low scattering, neutron radiation calibration laboratory with radioactive neutron sources
      • Snow Laboratory

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