History of ISS

Courses in Radiation Protection were the "germ cell" of our research center more than 50 years ago. Shortly after that the scientific research on the campus was started in the Institute of Radiation Protection

1960   Foundation of the "Versuchs- und Ausbildungsstätte für Strahlenschutz" (research and education center for radiation protection) .
Director: Prof. Dr. Wittenzellner
1964   Foundation of the "Gesellschaft für Strahlenforschung (GSF)"
The new lecture room building is established
1966   Prof. Dr. Wachsmann becomes director of the Institute of Radiation Protection ISS (43 employees)
1971   The research center gets a new name: Gesellschaft für Strahlen- und Umweltforschung (GSF)
1972   Prof. Dr. Jacobi becomes director of the ISS

The reactor accident of Tchernobyl requires action of the institute (measurements and advisory service of government services and public)

1990   The research center gets a new name: GSF- Forschungszentrum für Umwelt und Gesundheit (GSF-Research center for Environment and Health)
1993   Dr. Paretzke is the new director of ISS
2006Measurements in China prove Thoron important for indoor exposition in clay houses. A thoron experimental house is established in the laboratory.
2008   The research center gets a new name: Helmholtz Zentrum München
2009   Dr. Jacob becomes the acting director of ISS
2010   The institute becomes a founder member of the Department of Radiation Sciences
2011   The reactor accident of Fukushima requires extensive advisory service in radiation protection matters

Prof. Dr. Rühm becomes the acting director of ISS

2017     The Research Unit Medical Radiation Physics and Diagnostics (AMSD) becomes part of the institute