Our mission

Translational Radiation Research in the fields of prevention, exposure, disease mechanisms and risk

Ionizing radiation is used for the benefit of the society in the fields of medicine, science and technology. The Institute of Radiation Protection (ISS) performs basic research on radiation prevention, detection of radiation exposures, mechanisms of radiation-induced diseases and radiation risk. The aim is to estimate and prevent radiation-induced health effects in particular in the field of medical applications of ionizing radiation.

The protection against ionizing radiation affects people in the medical sector (hospital staff, patients, relatives) and the general population. The final goal is to optimize the use of ionizing radiation in relation to benefits and risks, and to transfer scientific knowledge and technical developments into clinical applications.

In addition to the optimization of radiation protection, the institute applies system biological approaches for a better understanding of radiation-induced diseases in an effort to develop forecast models in close connection with clinical practice towards Precision Radiation Medicine.

 The mission of the ISS is consistent with the mission of the Department of Radiation Sciences (DRS).