Applications for Physical Exercise

Many studies show that exercise benefits the elderly. Exercising lowers the risk for health conditions such as Alzheimer and dementia, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. An inactive lifestyle makes older people loose strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. All of these areas can be improved by physical activity. Exercising has also been shown to be beneficial for maintaining mental health.

However, to actually getting up and doing some training is sometimes difficult. Join-In encourages exercising by exercising videos and by exergames. Three different exergames were designed in Join-In based on the need for variation, the need for different kinds of exercises, use of different exercise equipment, different physical and cognitive disabilities, and the user's preferences. One of the games has so far reached pilot testing, but the lab tests of the two others show that the concepts are well received.

Exercising Video

Exerbiking Game

Walking Game

AntiqueHunt Game