Networking Platform

The technical platform provides the backbone of Join-In. It aimed to be both easy to use and low-cost while adressing the special requirements of the elderlys. In a thorough user analysis more than 60 requirements related to the Join-In platform were collected. These were sorted into 8 different categories and then prioritized based on the MoSCoW methodology categorising the requirements. The outcome was 17 important requirements categorised as "Must Have” or ”Should Have”.

Join-In System Platform

The portal is built on top of the open-source ELGG social networking framework which needed to be adapted to the requirements of the user group regarding accessibility, ease of use and simplicity. So far it has been adapted to Chrome and Firefox. It hosts the content of the Join-In network, the social activities, the communication facilities as well as the games, exergames, and exercising videos within a virtual network -where the games are deployed on separate servers. It is accessible for registered users only. The OpenTok videochat was integrated as a communication facility. The Social Media Connector, developed within the project, is used to provide games with an interface to be interlinked with the Join-In social network.

The Join-In platform uses web technologies. This makes it accessible from standard web browsers and facilitaties the incorporation of additional web-based applications. Join-In offers various user-device options such as PC, Tablet or a TV plus settop box. However, it has to be considered that some game controllers and motion sensors have special requirements on the user-device and the corresponding software drivers.

D4.1 Low-cost solutions for developing home-based platforms adapted to the elderly, Deliverable D 4.2 Design and Implementation of the Platform and blog-post Technical platform- user requirements provide more details.