The Interactive Social Portal for Senior Citizens

Interactive social portals for Senior Citizens were set up in Germany ( and in Hungary ( At the request of the users the networks are private and can only be entered by registered users via user id and password. The OpenTok ( videochat was integrated as a communication facility. It can be used for multiuser sessions as well as for bilateral chat sessions. A moderator mode allows a trainer to invite other users to an exergaming or to exercising session, and to guide and moderate the different activities.

The portals are accessible via the internet and provide interlinked web-based services for the various applications and the games. The content of the Join-In social network aims at making socialising and communication easy for the elderly adult. Some of the features are

  • profile setting including the possibility to choose an avatar

  • social contacting, communicating and sharing by emailing or by video conferencing

  • video conferencing or text chatting while playing Memofix, adding a social value to the game

  • tools for adding content, for sharing common interests, e.g. up- and downloading of photos

  • access to games and exergames

  • exercising videos designed and performed by physiotherapists offering different levels of difficulty to be safely performed by users at home.

94 users pilot tested the Join-In Social Network. Especially “computer-illiterate” elderly person liked the portal. Most users found it easy to learn and easy to use. They thought it beneficial and stated that it would be a good means for staying in touch.

More information can be found in D4.1 Low-cost solutions for developing home-based platforms adapted to the elderly, in D1.3 Final Report and at Blog 12 Introduction to Join-In portal – Part 1 and Part 2.