Aims & main research areas


  • To promote health research:
    With its extensive database, KORA serves numerous research groups as a basis for population-based epidemiological studies on various topics such as diabetes, cardio-vascular and lung diseases and environmental issues.

  • Public Health Improvement:
    The research results are supposed to contribute to safeguard and improve population health and to raise the population’s awareness of issues related to health.

  • Health and Illness Care:
    One further objective is to improve the prevention, diagnostics and therapy of diverse complex illnesses as well as to analyze the health care delivery system.

  • Policy Support:
    Policy makers are supported in health care decision-making.

Main research areas

  • Lifestyle and environmental factors as risk factors in the development of chronic diseases

  • Identifying new genes for the most important chronic diseases and related risk factors

  • Integrating research into risk factors and functional genomics

  • Research on health systems: usage, costs and health status