Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the results of my examination?

The Study Center makes every effort to inform you of the results as soon as possible. Generally speaking, you will receive them 2-3 weeks after your examination date.

When will I be contacted again as a KORA participant?

Intervals between the examinations and surveys vary, depending on the aim of the study in question. Generally speaking, you will be contacted again once every 2-5 years.

Can I continue taking part in the KORA study even if I move away from the Augsburg region?

The Study Center would be very pleased if you continued taking part in KORA, even if you have moved away. Please let us know your new address so we can continue to contact you.

I did not take part in the last KORA study, but I would like to take part again in the next follow-up examination. Is that possible?

Yes. Even if it is not possible to take part in an examination, you will be invited again to the next study.

How long do the examinations in the Study Center last?

The length varies from study to study, and you will be informed when you make an appointment. We make every effort to make the process on the examination day as smooth and pleasant for you as possible.

Will I also be informed about the results of the survey?

Unfortunately it is not possible to inform participants about the results of the survey. However, on our website you can keep abreast of the latest scientific results to which the KORA data have contributed.