institute for biological and medical imaging (ibmi)

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Laboratory for Medical Information Systems (Medis)

Head of Department: Claudia Hildebrand

Background and Research

Paper Patient Records in a Hospital
Paper Patient Records
in a Hospital

The development of medicine is characterised by a growing specialisation of the medical fields, the increasing professional demands, particularly the flood and variety of information, as well as the increasing strain from administrative processes.

Using modern information technology holds a large potential for solutions. Therefore, the working group "Medical Informatics" aims to develop intelligent assistance systems as components of integrated healthcare.

Doctor's Workplace

Its research focuses on:

Electronic medical records and telemedicine as a basis for integrated healthcare

Intelligent assistance systems for complex clinical work environments for the specification and improvement of diagnostics and therapy

Systems that provide knowledge in everyday healthcare

Health Card in Use
Health Card in Use

In the institute we work to achieve these comprehensive goals by developing and testing suitable methods and technology and by making them available for practical use. The methods of medical communication and information, for example electronic medical records and telemedicine serve to improve the communication of patient related data and make medical knowledge available at the health professional’s workplace. They provide support in the care for chronically ill people. An important aspect of our research is the utilisation of data gained from clinical documentation for knowledge-based decision support. Documentation-, consultation- and knowledge-based systems are tested and evaluated in the context of research at the medical workplace. The effectiveness of both practical medical care for patients in hospitals as well as the indirect guidance of medical facilities shall thus be supported.

The working group MEDIS is actively contributing to EFMI EFMI WG LIFOSS and EFMI WG PPD, and is heavily involved in the activities of and the Koch-Metschnikow-Forum.