Structured Follow-Up Care Programme to Evaluate Long Term Outcome in COVID-19

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LMU University Hospital and Helmholtz Zentrum München are setting up a joint follow-up care study to elucidate the long term outcome in patients after COVID-19.

Aim of the study is to characterize the long term outcome of patients after COVID-19 by means of structured follow-up care. Key findings of the study will then be used to identify persons concerned in future, to apply measures of treatment and to offer specific treatment options. With these procedures in mind we are establishing a structured out-patient follow-up unit.

Essential part of the study is a detailed lung function analysis of the participants. Furthermore, other organ systems are analysed as for example examination of the heart, analysis of blood samples by means of immunological parameters and evaluation of possible impact of COVID-19 on mental health. In addition to routinely performed analysis further exploratory examination of sputum and blood samples are performed.

The follow-up care programme is a cooperation between LMU University Hospital and Helmholtz Zentrum München. The follow-up out-patient unit is taken care by physicians of various medical fields of the LMU University Hospital and is part of the CORKUM-register (COVID-19 register of the LMU Hospital). Consecutive studies relying on aquired data and collected samples are performed by several research groups of Helmholtz Zentrum München.