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Gordon Research Conference - Mammary Gland Biology

27.05.2018 - 01.06.2018 | 16:00 - 09:00
Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco
Via Giovanni Pascoli
Lucca (Barga), IT
Registration required:
Dr. Christina Scheel, ISF
Tel. -2012
E-mail: christina.scheel@helmholtz-muenchen.de

The 2018 Gordon Conference on Mammary Gland Biology will uphold the longstanding and cherished tradition of presenting cutting-edge research on normal development and physiology of the mammary gland (including lactation biology), as well as on the molecular and cellular events that underlie breast cancer initiation, progression and treatment (including metastasis and the basic biological principles that are key to precision medicine). It will bring together junior and senior researchers with a wide variety of backgrounds and aims to foster interactions between attendees with different levels and areas of expertise. To this end, the 2018 meeting offers an exciting program of talks (covering the most recent advances in unraveling the dynamic complexity of the tissue in both development and disease) and interactive poster sessions, with plenty of time for in-depth discussions and the exchange of novel findings and ideas.

Christina Scheel (ISF, HMGU) and Renee Van Amerongen