German Mouse Clinic

Director: Prof. Dr. Martin Hrabe de Angelis
Administrative Head of Research: Dr. Valerie Gailus-Durner
Technical Head of Research: Dr. Helmut Fuchs

The German Mouse Clinic studies human diseases using mouse models in order to develop new approaches for diagnosis and therapy. Standardized experimental methods enable the characterization of mouse lines based on more than 550 phenotype parameters. For detailed studies in secondary and tertiary screens, further tests are available with altogether more than 500 parameters.


  • Phenotyping of mouse models
    1. Standardized primary screen (GMC I)
    2. Selected secondary and tertiary screens
    3. Screening under challenge conditions (GMC II)
    4. Screens especially tailored to scientific questions
    5. Test of the effect of substances/drugs in the mouse organism (GMC III)
  • Interpretation of results for joint publications
  • Training of internal and external cooperation partners
  • Areas covered: behavior, composition of bone and cartilage, neurology, stimulus perception, clinical chemistry, hematology, diabetes, eye development and vision, immunology, allergy, steroid metabolism, energy metabolism, lung function, cardiovascular, pathology and gene expression
  • Development/further development of new technologies 


State-of-the-art phenotyping technologies – standardized and coordinated with international partners (EUMODIC Consortium, IMPC)

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