Protein Expression and Purification

Head: Dr. Arie Geerlof

The Protein Expression and Purification Facility was established as part of the Institute of Structural Biology to support researchers in producing recombinant proteins faster and more efficiently. The facility provides assistance in the purification and characterization of proteins and provides the necessary material (vectors, bacteria stem lines and proteins as well as shakers/ incubators for bacteria and insect cells). In addition, the Protein Expression and Purification Facility produces proteins for general use or in cooperation with specific proteins for biochemical and structural biological uses and for drug development.


  • Cloning
  • Expression screening in bacteria
  • Protein production in bacteria on a large scale
  • Production of proteins in insect cells
  • Biochemical and biophysical characterization
  • Expertise and resources for the preparation of proteins for structural studies, functional studies as well as chemical biology and drug development


  • Cloning using restriction enzymes, gateway cloning technology and ligase independent cloning (LIC)
  • Protein purification: affinity, ion exchanges and size exclusion chromatography with ÄKTA purifiers
  • Cell culture for insect cells
  • Protein characterization:
  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) — protein size, monodispersity
  • Static Light Scattering (SLS) — oligomer status of proteins, stoichiometry ofcomplexes
  • Thermal Shift Assay — protein stability, ligand binding

Please visit the website of the Protein Expression and Purification for more information