X-ray Crystallography Platform

Head: Dr. Dierk Niessing, Dr. Robert Janowski

In Fall 2012, the X-ray Crystallography Platform was established to offer scientists at the Helmholtz Zentrum München access to the most common technology for high-resolution structures of biomolecules. The crystallography platform is also suitable for the structure-based development of small-molecule inhibitors, thereby complementing other platforms of the Institute of Structural Biology as well as the Assay Development and Screening Platform.


  • Counseling and support for structure-related projects
  • Planning and support for crystallization experiments
  • Implementation of robot-assisted crystallization screens
  • Access to synchrotron radiation facilities and data collection
  • Processing of data sets and structure determination
  • Interpretation of structures and of structure-to-function relationships


    • Thermofluor-based optimization of protein buffers
    • ttplabtech Moquito crystallization robot for 96-well screens in nano-liter scale; over thousand crystallization conditions for initial screening
    • Temperature-controlled crystallization incubators
    • Stereo microscopes
    • Equipment for cryo-crystallography and for robot-assisted data collection at synchrotrons
    • All common programs for X-ray crystallography, structure representation, and structure evaluation (SBGrid consortium)