Comparative Medicine

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The Comparative Medicine Core Facility is responsible for the maintenance of small rodents for biomedical research at the Center. Around 450 staff members at Helmholtz Zentrum München work directly with laboratory animals. The service encompasses care of the animals and assistance in experiments, including the veterinary care of the animals, hygiene monitoring of all animal colonies, and the import and export of animals. Hygiene monitoring and the modeling of human diseases in animals are the Department’s main research areas, which are derived directly from the service offering.

  • Breeding, husbandry and provision of laboratory animals
  • Consultation for the selection and development of animal models and for issues of animal protection and laboratory animal science
  • Embryo transfer and cryo services
  • Various types of barriers and forms of animal keeping
  • Reproductive technologies
  • Detection systems for animal pathogens
  • Toolbox for induced knockouts