Core Facilities

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  • Access to resources, expertise, services and new technologies
  • Optimization of the utilization of resources, instruments and personnel
  • Dynamic development and scientific advancement of the Core Facilities
  • Core Facilities as enablers to support the HMGU strategy

Most scientific institutions run Core Facilities as autonomous units, which do not perform any research on their own. The Helmholtz Zentrum München focuses on the benefitting combination and a strong interaction of service and research. Every Core Facility is connected to a research unit. Both units are managed by one head.

Core Facilities at the Helmholtz Zentrum München work on a fee for service basis. For internal users there is an internal service price, external requests and collaborations are processed on the basis of total costs.

Investment strategy:
Core facilities provide access to the latest technologies and comprehensive expertise. An investment strategy ensures that the demand of the Core Facilities and the scientists is assessed properly and satisfied at its best; replacements and new technologies are considered equally. The offered service spectrum is therefore constantly under development.