Metabolomics and Proteomics Core (MPC)

Qualitative and Quantitative Mass Spectrometry

The Core Facility Metabolomics & Proteomics Core offers state-of-the-art analytic of metabolites and proteins in a broad range of samples matrices for internal and external cooperation partners of Helmholtz Zentrum München. The mostly mass spectrometry based assays and methods allow the qualitative and quantitative analysis of a multitude of metabolites and proteins down to nanomolar concentrations.

Additionally, we support our cooperation partners with study design, statistical analysis and interpretation of the high-dimensional data sets.

Our Core Topics

The Core Facility consists of the two analysis platforms Metabolomics and Proteomics.

The platform Metabolomics provides several platforms for the analysis of metabolites:

  • Targeted Metabolomics (Dr. Cornelia Prehn, Dr. Jutta Lintelmann)
  • Non-Targeted Metabolomics (Dr. Anna Artati)
  • Lipidomics (Dr. Mark Haid)

Development of further methods for specific analytes and matrices is possible on request.

The platform Proteomics offers DDA- and DIA-based shotgun proteomics analyses. The development of specific targeted proteomic methods is possible upon request. Overall, the following methods for the analysis of proteins are available:

  • Shotgun proteomics, DDA and DIA, proteomics of extracellular matrix with PTM identification and quantification (Dr. Juliane Merl-Pham)
  • Shotgun proteomics, identification of biomarkers, phosphoproteomics (Dr. Christine von Törne)
  • Shotgun proteomics, interactome analysis (Dr. Ann-Christine König)
  • Proximity Extension Assay (Dr. Agnese Petrera)

Additionally, we offer support for the statistical data analysis of the metabolomics and proteomics data sets.

Access and Contact

The MPC handles biological samples of internal and -external origin. In close interaction with our cooperation partners, we aim to generate high quality data that can be published in high-ranked, peer-reviewed journals.

It is therefore of utmost importance that we are contacted at a very early stage of the project (in any case before sample preparation). Ideally, we are already included in pre-analytical discussions to contribute with recommendations to study design and sample preparation.

For project requests, please write an Email to the responsible scientist of the respective analytical platform or to Dr. Michael Witting (Metabolomics) and Dr. Stefanie Hauck (Proteomics).

The Service Process

After an initial contact where we discuss feasibility and design of the study, we will document the mutually developed procedure in a project agreement. The fully completed project agreement has to be signed before the project can continue.All necessary documents will be shared to our project partners after the initial project meeting.

Please visit the MPC website for more information