Monoclonal Antibodies

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Antigen Design and Antibody Validation

Source: Helmholtz zentrum München

The Monoclonal Antibodies Core Facility was founded in order to provide access specific binder reagents for scientists at Helmholtz-Zentrum München and the Munich Universities. We produce high-affinity monoclonal antibodies against more than 100 targets per year in a short time and high quality. The Core Facility has the capacity to deal with all HMGU requests but can also handle external enquiries from other national and international  research centers and biotech companies.

The spectrum of the reagents we produce ranges from antibodies against pesticides to antibodies against mouse cell surface antigens.  

Our services include

  • Advice on the design of antigen
  • Production of monoclonal antibodies
  • Isotype determination of the produced antibodies
  • Antibody production up to 100 mg
  • Purification and labelling of antibodies
  • Long-term storage of antibody-producing hybridomas
  • Advice on the detailed characterization of antibodies

Please visit the website of MAB for more information