Pathology and Tissue Analytics

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Source: Helmholtz Zentrum München

The Core Facility Pathology & Tissue Analytics is a research platform that provides scientific and technical support to our research staff, collaborators and clinical partners. The Core Facility offers high-quality, state-of-the-art technical and professional pathology services individualized to project needs.




Services and Expertise

  • Scientific and technical support to researchers working on animal models and human disease as well as consulting and assistance in planning, implementing and publishing tissue-based projects
  • Histology/ Tissue processing of all types of fresh/fixed tissues
  • Standard and special staining techniques (e.g. immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, histochemistry, in situ Hybridization)
  • Antibody establishment as well as construction of Tissue Micro Arrays
  • Comprehensive microscopy platform (e.g. 3D Light-sheet microscopy, confocal, fluorescence and conventional microscopy, digital slide scanner)
  • Comprehensive Image Analysis platform (Definiens)
  • Digital Pathology as well as Autopsy

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